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Deregistered 1158 owned by CARTER JAMES W

N Number1158
Serial NumberJC-1
Aircraft ModelCode: 05611GR
Manufacturer: JAMES W CARTER
Model: P-513/4 SCALE REPLIC
Builder Certification: Not Type Certificated
Aircraft Category: Land
Number of engines: 1
Number of seats: 1
Aircraft Weight, lbs: Up to 12,499
Cruising Speed, mph: 85
Status Code9 (Certificate of Registration has been revoked)
Street MailP O BOX 60074
City MailRENO
State Abbrev MailNV
Aircraft ModelCode: 89506
Number of engines: 0
Number of seats: 0
Cruising Speed, mph:
Year Manufactured1968
County Mail031
Country MailUS
Air Worth Date--
Cancel Date2009-06-25
Mode S Code50041066
Indicator Group1
Last Act Date1977-04-02
Certificate Issue Date1968-03-19
Mode S Code HexA04236