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1984X owned by N1984X LLC

N Number1984X
Serial Number18256084
Aircraft ModelCode: 2072718
Manufacturer: CESSNA
Model: 182H
Builder Certification: Type Certificated
Aircraft Category: Land
Number of engines: 1
Number of seats: 4
Aircraft Weight, lbs: Up to 12,499
Cruising Speed, mph: 119
Engine ModelCode: 17026
Manufacturer: CONT MOTOR
Model: O-470 SERIES
Type: 1 (Reciprocating)
Horsepower: 230
Thrust: 0
Year Manufactured1965
Type RegistrantCorporation
NameN1984X LLC
Street7217 NE 54TH PL
Aircraft ModelCode: 98661-1497
Number of engines: 0
Number of seats: 0
Cruising Speed, mph:
RegionS (Northwest Mountain)
Last Action Date2012-10-16
Certificate Issue Date2007-11-28
Certification1N (Standard, Normal)
Type AircraftFixed wing single engine
Type EngineReciprocating
Status CodeV (Valid Registration)
Mode S Code50304335
Air Worth Date1965-01-29
Expiration Date2015-10-31
Unique Id00903080
Mode S Code HexA188DD