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111YW owned by N111YW LLC

N Number111YW
Serial Number650-0223
Aircraft ModelCode: 2076802
Manufacturer: CESSNA
Model: 650
Builder Certification: Type Certificated
Aircraft Category: Land
Number of engines: 2
Number of seats: 12
Aircraft Weight, lbs: 12,500 - 19,999
Cruising Speed, mph:
Engine ModelCode: 01518
Manufacturer: AIRESEARCH
Model: TFE731 SER
Type: 4 (Turbo-jet)
Horsepower: 0
Thrust: 3500
Year Manufactured1993
Type RegistrantCorporation
NameN111YW LLC
Street16420 PARK TEN PL STE 125
Aircraft ModelCode: 77084-5299
Number of engines: 0
Number of seats: 0
Cruising Speed, mph:
Region2 (Southwestern)
Last Action Date2014-03-06
Certificate Issue Date2011-07-15
Certification1T (Standard, Transport)
Type AircraftFixed wing multi engine
Type EngineTurbo-fan
Status CodeV (Valid Registration)
Mode S Code50031045
Air Worth Date1993-03-04
Expiration Date2017-07-31
Unique Id00634142
Mode S Code HexA03225